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        自貿島,“亞聯”來啦!"Asia Union"
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        On June 1, 2020, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the State Council issued the 《Overall Plan for the Construction of Hainan Free Trade Port》, and Hainan became the focus of global attention immediately.

        Given Hainan state comprehensively deepen reform and opening up pilot area, the national center for ecological civilization experimental zone, the international tourism consumption and the strategic positioning of national major strategic service area, to seize the important opportunities for a new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution, focus on development of tourism industry, modern service industry and high-tech industry, to speed up cultivating new cooperation with Hainan characteristics competitive advantage. In 2020, thanks to the great efforts of the central and local governments, Hainan Free Trade Island has ushered in the "opening year".
        As an important part of 12 pioneering projects in Hainan Province, Sanya Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City is one of the 11 key parks. It is an important carrier for Implementing the spirit of General Secretary Xi's Speech on April 13 and document No. 12 of the CPC Central Committee in Hainan Province. It is the concrete way to carry out the new development concept; Is to boost the economic development of Hainan. Yazhou Science and Technology City takes "the world vision, the international standard, the Sanya characteristic, the high point localization" as the framework, devotes to the construction to become the national deep sea science and technology innovation center, "the South fan Silicon Valley" and the production university research city depth fusion gathering place.
        For further implement the general secretary xi to celebrate the 30th anniversary of hainan province office of special economic zones at the conference's important speech spirit, the implementation of the central committee of the CCP, the state council about support hainan comprehensively deepen the reform and open policy guidelines "requirements, the positive response of the state council to speed up the construction of free trade port in Hainan, Sanya government makes the headquarters economy's call to the Asia Union accurately grasp the historical opportunity for development, give full play to the unique geographical location and Hainan back very large scale domestic market and the advantages of the hinterland economy, cliff state bay, Sanya in Hainan province city science and technology, to create the Asia Union group.
        On July 24, 2020, Asia Union Meihua (Hainan) education technology co., LTD., located in Hainan, the Asia Union group in Sanya to build global settlement center, marketing center, research and development center of group headquarters economy, at the same time establish institute in Beijing, in Hubei, Shanxi, Shandong, Guangdong and other provincial area set up R&D bases for group headquarters can assign.
        The market prospect of "physical education finance +" is fine.
        In the innovative development of the education industry, Asia Union has built a new technology integrated education development represented by 5G, artificial intelligence, block chain, educational VR, etc. By building a comprehensive platform with central enterprises as the core and coordinated development of education, sports, finance, Internet of Things, block chain and other industries. We will explore new development models of "synergetic economy", "integrated economy" and "innovative economy" in the new era, build a market of educational resources, and promote the large-scale and diversified development of the industry, have the core industry competitiveness and development prospects.

        The future of Asia Union is Hainan. Hainan, Asia Union is coming!

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